Builder/Investor Services

Custom Builder’s Homes

MSA Architecture can tailor our services to fit the needs of many types of residential builders.  Whether you build custom homes, speculative homes, garden homes, or multi-family, MSA can provide you with innovative designs that will attract more clients.  We are active in the building community and enjoy forming working relationships with home-builders.


Speculative/Production Homes

MSA Architecture provides excellent architectural services for builders, specifically tailored to your needs. We take great effort to create designs that are highly appealing to potential buyers and show your unique building style. We also help in developing creative designs that are economical to build, thus maximizing your profits. Our portfolio of builder clients includes local and national builders that build a few homes up to thousands of homes per year.


Garden Homes

When designing Garden Homes, usually defined as very narrow or zero lot-line lots, the professionals at MSA design homes which utilize the limited building space while creating open, well flowing designs that accentuate private outdoor garden spaces. We have experience designing a number of Garden Homes and Garden Home developments.



MSA Architecture can provide you with imaginative duplex designs that make one desire to live there while meeting the budget, site, and other requirements of the project. The configuration of duplexes is usually very site specific, but MSA Architecture has designed a number of duplex plans that might be applicable to your situation or used as a starting point.

Apartments and Townhomes
MSA Architecture can assess your apartment or townhome project and develop units which are attractive as well as efficient, and that meet your particular site and market needs. We have the experience to design anything from smaller economical apartments or townhomes, to larger more extravagant townhomes for the affluent professional. We will work with you to achieve the desired density for your project and yet create an appealing streetscape through attractive elevations. The professionals at MSA are well-versed in accessibility, Fair Housing, and other code requirements that are important to make your project a success.


Green Building

MSA Architecture incorporates energy-efficient practices and provides green expertise on all our designs. We can provide designs, details, and specifications to meet any level of green-built home you desire. We are members and well-versed in the requirements for Build San Antonio Green, NAHB Green Building, and LEED for Homes (Leadership for Energy and Environmental Design). For more information see our Green Building section.


Marketing and Technology

3D Design & Modeling
MSA Architecture can use the latest technology and programs such as Revit Architecture to provide clients 3D visualizations of their projects throughout the design. As the technology develops, more and more building information can be modeled in the design stage to improve energy efficiency, estimate costs, and provide the clients with valuable information before construction. 3D virtual renderings can be used as marketing tools by the builder or investor as well.

Graphic Rendering
MSA Architecture can provide builders/investors with artistic, color renderings of elevations or perspective views of your projects that can be used for marketing.

Sales & Marketing
Builders and Investors must have the ability to market themselves by attracting prospective clients. The professionals at MSA understand that and are adept at providing builders with floor plans, elevations, and 3d images in various formats to sell more homes. Whether its sales plan flyers, images for your website, or other forms of advertisement, MSA Architecture can work with you to get the most return possible from our design services!


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